Adaptive Roots is a method for delivering movement education. Using Parkour/Freerunning as the foundational discipline. The main focus of the practice is to empower the individual through movement. Learning practical movement skills in a wide range of environments is where we begin to enhance the mind body connection and open up new ideas and limitless possibilities that once were hidden. With scalable and progressive strength and conditioning routines we continuously challenge and increase our adaptability to the world around us. 

This approach is open and welcoming for everyone to learn, move, and play. No matter your age, weight, physical abilities, or any other perceived limitations everyone can find something positive to take from an Adaptive Roots experience. The method puts a large emphasis on physical conditioning and training the body to be strong to be useful but the importance of play and exploration and the creative art of human movement hold equal value. The core of our process is fostering a child like since of wonder and breaking free from the mental conditioning of modern society while building rapid neuroplasticity. 

Adaptive Roots is simply a launchpad, an open mindset to everything the world has to offer. It is a starting point for personal growth and discovery. Ownership of your movement gives you the freedom to take your practice in any direction you choose. Just as every personal practice will evolve so will the Adaptive Roots Method. 


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